I went to the Farmers’ Market today.  It’s on Grand between Kalmia and Juniper every Tuesday 2:30-6 pm.  Besides getting my standard vegetables, I had a mission–get some zucchini blossoms so we could make quesadillas.  As you can see I not only found the blossoms but a couple of other items for  the meal, including a perfectly ripe avocado, some spring onions and a very nice looking heirloom tomato.  Meanwhile, my husband headed off to Vallerta Supermarket at Ash and E. Valley.  Now there are torillerias all over town, but there’s also one within this supermarket so that’s where he got warm corn tortillas, epazote, Oaxacan cheese and some scallions.  Dinner was quesadillas with all the “trimmings,” along with homemade black beans and a very nice red wine.