You see before you a lovely zucchini flower, not unlike the ones I bought at the Farmers’ Market on Tuesday.  Some I used in Tuesday’s quesadillas and the rest I used last night in a wonderful risotto.  (It is at this point that I need to confess that I take photographs of my food right before I’m going to eat it, so I just snap a couple of pics and then sit down and eat before it gets cold.  When my pictures are not up to snuff, I will either make them very small, not post them or find an appropriate photograph at the website where the photos are free and not copyrighted.)  So the risotto last night was good.  It was made with our homemade chicken stock, arborio rice and Parmigiano Reggiano from Costco. The stems and the base of the blossoms were diced and sauteed with shallots first in olive oil and butter and then slowly the rice was cooked with ladle after ladle of stock until it was tender.  Flowers petals went in 10 before serving and they added a very subtle flavor and vibrant streaks of orange.  Frugal dish full of flavor.