My father grew up poor in St. Lous, Missouri and for his family, the price of food was a life-long obsession.  I remember my grandparents coming to visit us in Alta Loma in the 60s and all they could do was discuss the price of produce.  And until he couldn’t drive anymore, my father would go 20 miles out of his way to save 50 cents on a dozen eggs and then take us all out to dinner at the Five Crowns in Cororna del Mar.  Which is a long way of telling you there are issues around the cost of food.  I have inherited some of that frugality, but for me it’s about never wasting good food.  And this week, the case in point was a cauliflower from the Farmers’ Market that got forgotten in the back of the frig.  I pulled it out and decided to make Pickled Cauliflower which involves sugar, vinegar, onion, garlic, ginger, mustard seeds and more–the bright yellow color is from tumeric. (I found the recipe online.) You bring the liquid to a boil, pour it over the raw florets and then let it sit in the frig for days.  So today, just one day later, I took the plastic container out to see how it was doing and accidentally hit it on the counter.  It cracked and all the liquid poured out.  I was left with very crunchy, not too pickled cauliflower that tasted pretty good.  We have been muching on it today, but I now have another idea of what to do with it.  I’ll let you know tomorrow if it worked out…or whether I spent $3 in ingredients and still couldn’t save a $2 head of cauliflower.