Well, my frugal ways paid off this time.  I took all the pickled cauliflower I told you about yesterday, along with the onions and garlic and ginger (the only thing I removed were the black peppercorns which I had to pick out one by one) and cooked them with water until soft.  I then added about a 1/4 cup of coconut milk (TJ’s low fat), some chopped ginger and curry powder, put it in the blender and whirred until very smooth and then in the frig until cold.  Dollop of yogurt on top.  Wow, the flavor was amazing.  Lots of spice and heat from the curry, mustard seeds and pickled jalapeno I added to the original pickling recipe.  Very, very creamy as if there were potatoes and heavy cream in it.  I’ve had one bowl and am considering another.  Today, frugal won.