I love Sunday morning.  Sleeping in late.  The New York Times and North County Times flung into my front yard.  (Though I wish the NC Times would not end up under my car so often.)  A great cup of coffee–I wish it was the cup you see here–which I actually make for myself with no fancy design on top.  Freshly ground beans from Costco–half caf/half decaf–and then electric drip through a coffee maker I got brand new at AmVets for seven bucks.  Some Sundays it’s Whole Grain pancakes using the box mix from TJ’s, topped with real maple syrup , other times it’s wet scrambled eggs for me (a splash of heavy cream makes them, well, creamy) while my husband favors poached or fried.  Both of us like crunchy toast made from our homemade bread–mine with butter, his with a bit of jam.  We make our way through the paper, a little more coffee, a little more paper.  When it’s all done, we’ve eased until a Sunday that will stay lazy from now until bedtime.