This year the mint is doing well in my garden. (Last year something nibbled the leaves down to nothing for months.)  It seems I can cut off dozens of leaves and have them all grown back within days.  The parsley comes from the Farmers’ Market when they have it, and the pistachios (shelled and salted) come from Trader Joe’s.  Pistachios have become my permanent substitute for pine nuts–which are way up in cost and not of dependable quality–and they still can be considered an Italian ingredient if you think of Sicily.  Lately, I’ve gotten hooked on a pesto, made in my mini food processor, that includes equal parts of parsley and mint, half again of the nuts and then enough olive oil to make a sauce well seasoned with salt and pepper. (If you want to you can add a clove of garlic early on but I like to let the green flavors shine.)  Sure you can toss it with pasta after thinning it with some of the cooking water and it was a great accompaniment to a tri-tip from the Major Market outdoor grill, but for me it is best on boiled or roasted potatoes.  In fact, give me my own bowl of this pesto and said potatoes and I will be happy for the whole meal–assuming you don’t make me share.