From my kitchen window, I can “see” lots of noise as cars,motorcycles and trucks speed up and down the street.  Kids whiz by on skateboards.   And the steady stream of people adds their own interesting notes.  And I don’t mind it, it’s the sounds of the city.  But there is one noise that I hate.  It is likely to  start at exactly 7am, the time noise can legally start on weekdays.  It is the explosive roar of a gas-powered leaf blower. And when I watch them being used, I am appalled at what I see.  A man chasing a single leaf half a block.  Another blowing the dust off the sidewalk with most of it going into the air.  And a third blowing that same dust off of nearby cars.    Between myself and my neighbors–we all have gardeners–every day someone within earshot is blowing something or nothing.  Is all this noise really necessary?

What about rakes and brooms?  I have been told it is unfair to take away that “time saver” from guys that get paid little for the work they are expected to do quickly and I truly understand that.  Does that mean I’ll take on my small front yard myself?  Well, I found a narrow shrub rake at Escondido Lumber that should help get the leaves out and I just watched a video on how to cut your lawn with a weed whacker. It may be a recipe for disaster, but what the heck, I think I’ll give it a try.