It finally dawned on my a few weeks ago, when I spent the day in Tijuana, that I do not really speak Spanish even un poco.  Sure, I grew up in So Cal and took Spanish in high school but I never studied and then I switched to French in college and did ok.  After decades living in New England, I moved to Escondido and figured that I’d learn Spanish by osmosis.  Well, I can have a great “Hello, How are you?” conversation both formal and informal, but after that things get very dicey.  Nouns.  Verbs. Tenses. I don’t know enough of any to go much further.  So now my husband and I are “studying” Spanish at home.  As you can see, we’re starting in the kitchen.  We now know the names for eating utensils and major appliances (though I’m having a hard time with “el fregardero”) so I’m adding basic ingredients a few at a time.  Tonight we’re having chicken Caesar salad.  I already know “pollo” and hope by tomorrow I’ll have added anchovy and mustard to the list.  Hasta mañana.