I like string beans–and as you can see, my cat does too.  (Though he and his brothers just chase a few around the house.)  But for many weeks I’ve brought them home from the Farmers’ Market and let them sit in the frig for too many days.  I either wouldn’t be in the mood for cooking them or it was too late for cooking them.  So I decided last week to meet the beans half way by cleaning them all as soon as I came home from the market.  Two pounds of green beans and one pound of yellow were washed, trimmed and dried in less than 15 minutes and then stashed in the frig for later use. Knowing that part was done made me more than willing to use the beans.  Half the green ones became part of a roasted vegetables platter one night, the rest a cold Chinese bean salad a few days later.  The yellow beans I saved for a cooler evening when I cooked them in olive oil with a little pancetta and a splash of balsamic vinegar.  Those didn’t even make it to the dinner table.  We stood at the kitchen counter and ate them with our fingers along with a glass of red wine and a good sprinkle of salt.  All the beans were gone before the week was out and I was ready for more from the Farmers’ Market.