On a hot summer day I know lots of people head off to the movies.  But with the cost of admission and a nice box of popcorn, we’re talking twelve bucks easy and you know I’m frugal so that’s hard to take.  My solution is to cool off at home with air conditioning, popcorn and a movie.  The movie comes from the Escondido Public Library for all of 50 cents–today it will be “Harold & Maude.”  And the popcorn–let’s call it a dollar–won’t be microwave but will actually be made in a pan on the stove.  (I’ve discovered that there is no need to put vegetable/corn oil in the pan first, the corn will pop just fine without it and then you won’t have wasted calories on oil that adds no flavor.)  Shaking the pan almost constantly until the noise basically stops, I’ll salt it quickly, fill a bowl with plain for my husband, and then give the rest a nice dousing of melted butter. (Those are the calories worth eating.)  Propped up in bed with the window air conditioning blasting, a cat or two at my feet, on a day like today I might even forget the heat…until I step outside.