It’s the latest movie from Woody Allen, coming on the heels of “Midnight in Paris” which I absolutely loved. (I continue to be frustrated that the theater in Escondido does not play his movies and they don’t seem to care.)  I’ve been lucky enough to go to Rome a few times when we lived on the East Coast and and looked forward to seeing the city beautifully photographed and hoped for scenes full of wonderful food.  Well, the city looked gorgeous and the movie was a lot of fun–I recommend it–but the food, it was only there as a prop. (I have the feeling Woody is a picky eater so that’s why scenes don’t revolve around food in a major way.) Look at the meal in this shot, all colorful salads and not a pasta dish in sight.  In fact the only cooking was done by an American woman who didn’t know how to cook and just kept adding red wine to a shallow pan of tomato sauce and then abandoning that before it was even done.  So I hope to make up for that tonight with a simple Italian menu.  Haven’t quite figured out what that will be but will let you know all about it tomorrow.  PS “Midnight in Paris” is now on DVD so if you haven’t seen it look for it in rental and enjoy the beauty of that city along with a great plot.