As I’ve written, when it comes to food I’m frugal.  So once a week, I like to look in the frig and make dinner from what’s in there.  Last night there was leftover marinara sauce from our pizza, a pound of green beans from last week’s Farmers’ Market and whatever we chose to add.  So tonight, dinner began with green beans sauteed with bacon, shallot, olive oil and balsamic vinegar as a first course. (Costco now carries Niman Ranch bacon in a two-pound box that’s split into three sealed packages so two are in the freezer, one in the frig.)  It was followed by penne tossed with the marinara sauce along with some Romano and a bag of arugula that gave a nice bitter edge to the dish.  We grated on Parmigiano at the table and it was all a very good meal.