I didn’t grow up drinking smoothies.  I think the closest we ever came was a rich, strawberry shake, probably with no real strawberries in it but rather strawberry ice cream.  And when I lived back East, well there’s a lot of winter.  But now that it’s high summer in Escondido, I’m often looking for a light lunch that is also, heaven forbid, good for me. So I often pull out the old blender–it’s a 20-year-old Warring–and see what’s around to put into it.  I  am not looking for anything green, except maybe kiwi, because I only am willing to go so far with this healthy idea.   I keep my mainstays in the freezer–frozen mango bits and berry mix from Trader Joe’s–and combine those with fruits I’ve sliced and stashed in the freezer when they become very ripe (that’s the frugal me and the stash includes bananas, figs and peaches.)  First I whir up some TJ’s 0% fat Greek yogurt, a splash of vanilla and a half cup of water.  Then I add the frozen fruits a little at a time so the blender doesn’t seize and blend it all until it makes no noise.  It comes out slushy and sweet without any added sugar.  It also gives me least two servings of fruit and it actually tastes good.  Yeah healthy.