Being a good part Irish, potatoes were a major part of my family’s dinner menu.  And as far as I can remember the choices were red and white boiling potatoes for fried and potato salad, russets for baking and mashed.  Those were the only potatoes when you went to the grocery.  Well, now there are all sizes and shapes but the really common one is Yukon Gold.  (Turns out its a Canadian and got licensed in 1980 and arrived in the US shortly thereafter.)  As a kid, big baked russets were my favorite, split open and topped with lots of butter and sour cream.  Now, I very rarely have baked potatoes and tonight, with a wonderful roast chicken, the choice was mashed potatoes.  Five cloves of peeled garlic went into the well salted water along with the chunks of peeled potatoes.  Once very tender they went through the food mill and then were hand whipped with a big wooden spoon along with butter and some heavy cream.  The mill made them fluffy, the garlic made them earthy and the final results had a strong potato flavor with a velvety texture and golden color.  So thanks Dr. Gary Johnston for creating the potato we all love, the buttery colored Yukon Gold.