We roasted a great chicken Friday night and had the legs/thighs and half a breast left over.  The breast made great chicken salad for Saturday lunch and then I was focused on one of my new favorite dishes for dinner, Chicken and White Beans.  Started with half an onion and a carrot diced and sauteed in olive oil until brown then added two cloves garlic sliced, a T of fresh rosemary chopped and s & p.  Once there was browning, I deglazed the pan with half a cup of white wine and then added a can of white beans and some homemade chicken stock.  Final steps were putting the chicken pieces on top, getting it all good and hot and then broiling it all at once after I added handfuls of finely chopped bread and olive oil on top. It came out with crunchy crumbs, crispy chicken and wonderful flavor.  Great dish and one I now crave on a regular basis.