I like ginger a lot but I don’t use it frequently so when I decide to make an Asian dish I go out and buy a “hand” of it.  And then I use a “finger” or two and stash the rest in the frig.  Then two weeks later, when I want a little ginger, I go looking for it only to find a shriveled piece tucked away on one of the door shelves.  But that all changed with I found Lee Kum Kee Minced Ginger (at the Thai market next to Joanne fabric on E. Valley Parkway) which comes in a jar just like the one on the left.  Once you have this in your refrigerator, you’ll find yourself using ginger a lot more.  You’ll make Asian-inspired  dishes more often, add a little to a salad dressing or even make it a part of your gingerbread or fruit crisp.  I used it yesterday to make some soup, using all the vegetables handing around in the frig drawer: some zucchini, half a white onion, the last two carrots and a couple of potatoes that were getting ready to spout–all grated on a large-hole box grater.  Along with lots of s & p, garlic, curry powder and a couple tablespoons of this ginger, it was cooked with homemade chicken broth until tender, whirred with the immersion blender and cooled overnight.  Yesterday, I seasoned again since cold soups always need more oomph than hot ones, adding more curry and ginger (cooking cuts the flavor of ginger so it’s always good to add more at the end for that fresher taste), more salt and half a cup of no-fat Greek yogurt.  A very cool first course for a hot day.