I love avocados.  When I lived back East they never seemed to be as good, they didn’t have the richness I remembered from my childhood.  Well I found out why.  The main flavor comes from the oil inside and that continues to develop the longer the fruit is on the tree; it also loses the water which can make an avocado taste well “watery.”  Avocados finish ripening off the tree and should take about three days if the fruit was picked at the right time.  And that’s why Eastern ones tend to be flavorless– they’ve been picked early so they can make the trip cross country before they ripen, get soft and are prone to being damaged. My favorite is the Haas which turns black when ripe and should give way to pressure if you squeeze if, but there should be no sunken or hollow spots that can signal it’s beginning to rot.  Sliced on a sandwich, chunked into a salad with balsamic and Roquefort or made into the simplest of guacamole–avocados mashed with a fork along with salt and lime juice–I enjoy them every way I can.  And around here, the Mexican markets always have ripe ones so you never have to wait for that green goodness.