I went out for a burger and fries Saturday night and I was disappointed.  (Details will come in another post.)  But it got me thinking about the restaurants in town and which ones do a good job so I’ve decided to start trying out Burgers & Fries downtown and reporting what I find.  I will only be eating at non-chain, sit-down places within a block of Grand Avenue with full menus that serve at least beer and wine.  When I try one, I’ll let you know how it was, though I will not name the restaurant.  Why not?  Well, I have decided to keep my postings positive and I know how hard it is to run a restaurant.  Once I’ve tasted them all, I will be letting you know where I ate my favorite burger and fries and why it came out in front. (There could be more than one best and fries could have their own best.)

So let’s start with what I want in a burger.  I want it to be a decent size but not huge, made with good beef and cooked to the perfect medium rare–red in the very center, pink through the rest and slightly-charred brown on the outside.  I’ll go with whatever cheese the restaurant favors and I usually like mayo, ketchup, good tomato and maybe onion.  The bun should be soft but with a little chew and hopefully some flavor.  As to the fries, I think they should be made with raw potatoes, not frozen, and should be crispy with a soft center and full of flavor–what size and whether they have the peel on is up to the chef.  My first report will come this week.