Some sandwiches look very good, others just taste that way.  With this particular one, I’ll have to assure you that it’s all about the taste.  There are only four ingredients and in only takes minutes to make, but each part counts.  The bread, lightly toasted, is from an Italian loaf my husband made yesterday–nice chewy bread that stands up to the juicy tomato.  On top of that is a nice schmear of TJ’s Real Mayonnaise which is made without sweeteners or preservatives.  Then comes the special ingredient, a good sprinkling of Smoked Paprika, which gets lightly mixed into the mayo.  The paprika gives you some of the bacony smokiness while leaving the sandwich vegetarian. The final ingredient is a thick, center slice of yellow heirloom tomato from Miguel at the Farmers’ Market.  It’s a juice-running-down-your-hand kind of sandwich and I plan on having it until heirloom tomato season ends.