Wednesday, August 15th would have been Julia’s 100th birthday.  So in honor of her, this week will be all about Julia.  Let’s start with the movie “Julie and Julia”.  I saw it at the Escondido theater when it came out and thought it was wonderful. In fact, I wrote about it, listing 24 reasons to see it…they all still hold. 1.Meryl Streep 2.Stanley Tucci 3.Julia Child 4.Julie Powell 5.Paris 6.Sole menuiere 7. French onion soup 8.Shirtwaist dresses 9.Meryl Streep 10 Duck 11.Martinis 12.Restaurants 13.Old cars 14.Cordon Bleu 15.French accents 16.Tall women17.Short people18.Queens 19.Books 20.Beef Bourguignon 21.Brie 23.Butter 23.Waiters 24.Cambridge  This movie is joyous, exuberant, funny, touching and I guess I would say rollicking, a word I rarely use.  It’s now out on DVD so you can buy it, rent it or DVR it the next time it comes around.  Great movie to watch while cooking–especially if the menu is French!  (I also found a wonderful Charlie Rose interview with Meryl and the late Nora Ephron about the movie–here’s a link to part one of four CLICK HERE.  It’s on youTube so once you get there the others follow.)