I’m sure we can all agree this heat–and the humidity–have been close to unbearable the last couple weeks.  I had gotten into the routine of walking five mornings a week for a good half hour but gave up when the sun was blazing first thing.  So this morning I was delighted to tie on my walking shoes, slip my MP3 player in my waistband and head out the door.  It was misting lightly at first, but soon I was warm enough to take off my pullover and walk in my tank top.  Across Juniper and up Grand, then across Chestnut and back down 5th.  I was surprised how quickly I got back in the rhythm and even remembered the plot of the mystery I’d been listening to 10 days ago.  I’ve been thinking of loading my Spanish tapes on to the player so I can learn while I walk, but I think that is asking too much of myself.  I am at heart not an exerciser, but I do love books so I think I’d better stick with the combination that gets me going just so I can hear another chapter.  And in this case, it gives me the added bonus of taking place in Sweden, in winter, so when I’m walking up a steep hill I try and pretend there are snowflakes just on the other side.