This is a picture of an ear of corn in its infancy.  It will grow up to be royalty, christened either Silver King or Silver Queen.  And I will lust after it, but for some reason, I won’t buy it.  I love corn on the cob, it’s in season, why not indulge.  I realized today that’s it’s because I hate shucking it, trying to get all the silk off it and then waiting for the water to boil.  Well, today I discovered the miracle of corn on the cob cooked in the microwave.  Wrap the ear in damp paper towel, zap for 2 minutes (turning once) and then let sit for 5.  The husk and silk pull off with no effort and you’re left with a beautiful perfectly cooked ear of corn.  Add a little butter and salt (I admit I just rubbed the corn with the end of a stick of salted butter still in the wrapper) and eat.  Because it’s not watered down by boiling in the pot, and it cooks inside its own corn-flavored wrapper, the flavor is intense–sweet, clean and creamy.  Luckily for me my husband doesn’t really like corn on the cob, so I’ll be having the second ear a little later.  And I doubt I’ll ever boil corn again.