Woke up to a dark sky and a forecast of rain.  Although the clouds and sun are doing a tango, I’m pretending it’s a cool fall day–and it just started raining so now it’s a cool, rainy day, WHOOPEE–a great time to make something rich and hearty that needs to simmer on the stove all afternoon.  We’ll enjoy it while watching the VP debate.  Two guys duking it out seems to be the appropriate venue for braised beef short ribs.  And these are real beauties.  Grass-fed from Uruguay (got them at Jimbo’s) they have a strong, deep flavor that gets even better when well browned and then braised with caramelized onions and a mirepoix of celery, carrots, more onions and a good amount of garlic.  The liquid will be a big bottle of beer–Mission St. Dark Brown Ale.

I also had a nice talk about food with two women working at Trader Joe’s and hope they have a chance to stop by and say hi here at the blog.  I’m going to shoot the process of making these short ribs and it’ll go up tomorrow.  See you all then.