If I had to pick the best color for food, I think it would be this sunny golden orange–the exact color of the inside of a butternut squash.  (It would also be a great color for a sweater, a scarf, a kitchen.) I really like butternut squash when it is made into ravioli–and here’s where the “too much” comes in.  They have a great price on them at TJs right now, and since they’re selling them by the each, not weight, I went for the biggest one.  I cut it in half, removed the seeds and then baked it, giving me lots of luscious meat.  And therein lies the rub.

Once you mix the squash with a container of ricotta, some Parmigiano, sage, nutmeg and salt and pepper, you have a hell of a lot of filling–and each ravioli only holds a spoonful.  Now if I’d had good sense, I would have made them all at once and frozen them. (Though the ones I did make and cook were phenomenally good with a Gorgonzola cream sauce and a sprinkle of pistachios.) But no, I took some of the extra and incorporated it into zucchini muffins–which came out as heavy as hockey pucks but I keep telling myself they’re healthy.

But there was still more left, so yesterday I made another batch of ravioli, now waiting in the freezer. But there was still filling left, so I partially cooked 8 big pasta shells, stuffed them with THE LAST of the filling and froze those too.  My plan is to arrange them tightly in a single layer in a baking dish and then cover with cream and bake.  We shall see.