There are lots of interesting eggplants at the Farmers’ Market.  Along with the standard big purple, their are the tiny Japanese ones, some interesting white ones and then these, purple and white and basically round.  I used a couple of them for a dish I get a craving for once in awhile–Hoisin Eggplant.  It starts with slicing the eggplant and brushing with some peanut oil.  If I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll cook them on the grill outside, otherwise they get broiled until brown and soft.  Meanwhile, I mix together hoisin sauce, toasted sesame oil, chopped ginger/scallions/garlic (though you can skip these three for a simpler dish) and a good splash of soy sauce.  That gets spooned onto each slice and then they’re left to sit for an hour…if you can wait.  Nice all alone, they’re also great with a bowl of rice and a little extra sauce.