Back in August I posted a recipe for Spaghetti with Cherry Tomatoes and More, but I didn’t have any pictures of it.  So I’m correcting that with today’s post.  Yes, we had that same dish again and to be honest I hope we continue to have it at least once a week for the indefinite future.  Of course that all depends on whether TJs continues to carry the heirloom cherry tomatoes that are the heart of the dish–and the one exception I am happy to make when it comes to buying tomatoes out of season.  They’re not what I’d choose for a salad, but in this recipe they bring both a freshness and depth that totally makes the dish.

This is one of my husband’s creations and as you can see he gets the ingredients–(from left to right) tomatoes, proscuitto, oil-cured olives, parsley, garlic–all prepped before before he even pulls out the saute pan.  Try this dish when you have a chance, I’m pretty sure you will love it.