As I wait for the polls to start closing, I’ve whipped up a batch of meatballs that will be served with tomato sauce on penne (rather than spaghetti which would be hard to deal with sitting in front of the TV.)  It’s my standard recipe with beef, fresh bread crumbs, eggs, Romano, parsley, basil, garlic, s&p.  Two thirds will also get chopped raw onion, while the rest will be without for a diner who doesn’t like onions.  Tomato sauce is really simple, just whole tomatoes, garlic cooked until golden in olive oil and a splash of white wine.  Letting that cool now, will put it through the food mill later to create a smooth sauce.  I usually fry the meatballs, but with two pounds of meat I’m going to try baking at high temp and see how it goes.  Will report back later.  I’m looking forward to a great evening.